(Canterbury-Hurlstone Park RSL Cup)

Step 1 – Get your team together (minimum of 12 players required)

Step 2- Team Manager registers your Team via the link below (No cost)

Step 3 – Team Manager Invites players to join via Team Link provided via the online process ($90 per player)

Step 4 – Once registrations close, Canterbury Touch will confirm the competition draw and format

Step 5 – Teams arrange their own team uniform with playing numbers and prepare to play

Youth Comp

(Steggles Cup)

Step 1 – Players aged 13 to 16 in 2021 ask their parents if they can play

Step 2 – Register into the Steggles Cup Player Pool via the link below ($60 per player including a playing shirt)

Step 3 – send us an email with any requests to play with others

Step 4 – Canterbury Touch will form teams based on a mix of boys, girls, ages and playing levels

Step 5 – Team Managers will be in contact ahead of the comp starting     


(Jade Cup)

Step 1 – Make sure you are able to play representative level touch

Step 2 – Register into the Jade Cup Player Pool via the link below ($90 per player including a playing shirt)

Step 3 – send us an email with any special requests or things we need to know

Step 4 – Canterbury Touch will form teams based on a mix of male, female and playing levels.

Step 5 – Team Manager will be in contact ahead of the comp starting

Local Competition

What competitions do you run?


Canterbury Touch Association runs both a Junior and Senior competition each year.

The Junior Competition is open to all playing abilities and starts at Under 7’s all the way up to Under 17’s / Youth age division. It is a fun, family-based atmosphere on a Sunday morning where teamwork and development is encouraged, We are lucky enough to have a wonderful group of ex-representative players and coaches available to assist junior players, with many of our members now having kids themselves and keen to give something back to our Club and the community. Junior players can register as a team or as an individual looking to join a team via our easy registration process. The Junior Competition typically runs from Term 3 of the school year (early September) through to Term 4 (early December). Directly following the finals, junior players looking to make the transition to our representative Canterbury Bulldogs teams will have an opportunity to trial for selection.

Our Senior Competition is on Wednesday nights starting in late March and finishing in June. It has 3 distinct levels of competition available, which are:

  • Jade Cup (Representative Level) – our elite A-grade tournament at Canterbury suitable for representative level players is a 6-a-side mixed format. The Jade Cup (formerly known as the Fi-Ta Cup) is the primary opportunity representative players have to become eligible to play for the Canterbury Bulldogs at Vawdon Cup and State Cup. Individual players will nominate for the Jade Cup and will be placed into a team via the Club Draft process. This ensures a mix of male, senior, elite and club-level players across each team and ensures we have highly competitive games each week. To ensure a high standard and in the interest of fairness, should players register into the Jade Cup but not be at the standard expected of a representative player, they will be asked to join a team in the Mixed Social Comp.
  • Steggles Cup (Youth Competition) – suitable for girls and boys over the age of 12 (turning 13 in the year of competition) who are already playing at a junior or youth representative level, aspiring to do so, or those who are looking for a challenge. Individual players will nominate for the Youth Cup and will be placed into a team via the Club Draft. The Club will make a decision on the mix of teams between boys and girls, taking into account age, playing experience and distribution of talent. We believe that developing our youth players is critical, so each team will have at least 2 playing mentors from our senior representative ranks to guide them on and off the field.
  • Canterbury-Hurlstone Park RSL Mixed Social Comp – suitable for all players over the age of 16 who are not playing at an elite level (e.g. Premier League). Our social comp is a 6-a-side mixed format requiring at least 2 females to be on the field at all times. Teams that are solely female will also be accepted in to the competition. The social comp is intended to provide a place on the field for all playing abilities, including players new to the sport of touch football, those who just want to play for fitness and enjoyment, or even family-based teams. The standard would typically be considered B or C grade at other park competitions.

At the conclusion of our Senior Competition, players looking to join representative teams for the Canterbury Bulldogs will have the opportunity to trial for selection.

How much does it cost?  

Junior Competition registration fees will be $75 to $100 per child for the 2021 season, which includes: playing fees, insurance, referee match payments, equipment and a playing shirt.

Active Kids vouchers can be applied to offset this cost via our registration process. 

Senior Competition registration fees will be confirmed ahead of each season and may vary due to the number of teams and players. Generally speaking, senior fees will be no more than $100 per person, per season.

We are a not-for-profit association run by unpaid volunteers, and we are committed to keeping these necessary costs as low as possible.


Where do you play?

Our home ground is Waterworth Park in Earlwood, right next to Tempe train station. 

We have 7 modified fields available for Junior Competitions up to Under 9’s, with 4 flarger fields for Under 11’s and above.

We have 3 full-sized fields available for Senior Competitions, which are under lights on Wednesday nights.

Toilet facilities and changes rooms are available, with adult supervision required during Junior Competitions.


Waterworth Park, Earlwood

Sports Injury Claims Procedure

  1. When injured, report your injury to your Association immediately and fill out the injury report form which will be provided by our Competition Manager.
  2. Request a claim form within 30 days via Sportscover – www.sportscover.com or download via the TFA website www.touchfootball.com.au/claimform
  3. Ensure your team, local association and state are provided. Ensure the official report form is completed by your association. Please remember to complete all section to avoid delay
  4. Have your medical practitioner to fill in the appropriate statement and email all completed paperwork to sport@marsh.com
  5. Claim from your Private health insurer/Medicare, if applicable
  6. When treatment is complete please return all accounts.

Touch Football Australia manages changes to the policy to maintain currency with industry requirements. In addition, claims are managed so large increases related to increase claims are evened out across the scheme ensuring stability with insurance related costs for local associations.  

To review the coverage available, we recommend all individuals to consider their personal circumstance and assess if additional external coverage is required outside of what is offered as part of membership to the affiliated structure of Touch Football Australia.

 To view policy related information, please visit the ‘Insurance’ section of the Touch Football Australia website:


Wet Weather

In the case of Wet Weather and grounds being closed by Council, we will make an announcement via our Facebook Page and this Website:

by 5pm on Saturday for Sunday morning junior games

by 3pm on Wednesday for Wednesday night senior games

In the case of lightning, hail or unsafe playing conditions, the Club may cancel games without notice to ensure player safety.


Kids Playing in the wet